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Herbal remedies are a major part of Chinese medicine, equal in importance to acupuncture. The oldest surviving text on Chinese Herbal Medicine is dated at over two thousand years old. It describes a system of plant-based medicine that was already highly developed, so we are sure that the use of Chinese herbs goes back well further than that.

Chinese herbal therapy uses the same theoretical system of diagnosis and treatment as acupuncture and the other therapeutic techniques of Chinese medicine. You could think of Chinese herbs as potent, specialized food that is consumed to help return the body (and mind) to a state of greater balance and, therefore, health.

Over the years literally billions of people have taken the same Chinese herbal formulas that we offer at Good Qi Acupuncture and Herbs to treat a wide variety of conditions. For centuries these “classical” formulas have proven effective with little or no side effects.

We also maintain a full supply of individual “bulk herbs” from which we can make custom formulas that address your specific needs. We will teach you how to brew these "bulk herbal formulas" at home, empowering you to be involved in your healing process.

Chinese herbal medicine is arguably the most elegant and sophisticated system of herbal medicine ever developed. It can help treat any medical condition.